Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Water Damage

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Floods, sewage backup, plumbing issues or a broken washing machine hose can mean water in your home where it shouldn’t be. Whatever the cause of water damage in your home, it’s important to take necessary steps to prevent further problems.

Structural Damage

Ignoring signs of water damage for too long can lead to structural damage to your home. Cracks in walls or foundation of your home can become bigger problems down the road.

Health Problems

Lingering water damage in your home can create the damp environment needed for mold to grow. Inhaling or touching mold spores can lead to health risks for you and your family. Mitigating water damage immediately is your best chance to prevent the growth of mold.

Bad Odors

Lasting water damage in your home can lead to musty odors, which can also be a sign of mold and mildew growth. Don’t just try to cover it up, address the damage to prevent further issues.

Electrical Damage

If you don’t address water damage in your home, it can lead to electrical damage which can be a threat to your home and your family.

Increased Repair Costs

Addressing water in your home right away can help keep damage to a minimum. Ignoring signs can lead to further damage which means higher repair costs in the future.

Insurance Coverage Could Be Affected

Home insurance can help you cover the costs of damage due to water in your home. If damage is neglected for too long, it can lead to difficulty when making a claim.

Unseen Damage

Water damage that you can see may be the least of your problems. It may not look bad yet, but what is behind your walls or in your ceiling can be worse than expected

When dealing with water damage, speed is critical. Don’t wait, call on the experts at Savage Restoration, the trusted vendor for insurance agents/companies in the state of New Jersey.

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