Should You Use the Same Contractor for Restoration and Reconstruction Projects? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Who is going to understand what needs to get done better than the professionals that did the mitigation work?

Once the mitigation process is complete and left ready for repairs, Savage Restoration has a team of highly qualified professionals ready to start the reconstruction process once its approved by the insurance company.

Yes, you heard that correctly, approved by the insurance company! One of the most challenging issues during the reconstruction process is allowance for materials, labor, etc.  Understanding the differences between the insurance value vs. the price a person would pay out of pocket is crucial during this process of the claim. 

Savage Restoration is an approved vendor for most insurance carriers and follow the insurance price guidelines in order to expedite the reconstruction process without creating headaches for the carriers. 

Our mission as the competitive provider of emergency damage, restorative and construction services is to extend to all our employees, customers, and vendors the utmost respect, sincerity and top-quality performance in all our endeavors.  Savage Restoration provides damage restoration services for any size project. Our project managers are ready to develop a working construction plan to eliminate down time and speed up the restoration process.  Let Savage Restoration be your damage restoration service resource from start to finish.